The first time I heard about the Cycle of Life Tour was in 2016 when I saw some online fundraising initiatives by my friend, Jeremy Scott. Being an avid cyclist, I am always drawn to the mid-range events that allow me to test myself for a day and still be able to spend the night at home with my family. Over the next couple of years, I had planned to register for the event but for various reasons, my schedule just never allowed me to fully commit.

In August of 2018, my Grandfather passed away in his home after a short battle with Cancer. Victoria Hospice quietly and compassionately provided care and support in all of the areas that my family needed it during my Grandfather’s final days. After witnessing just a glimpse of the services that Victoria Hospice provides, I just knew that I had to sign up for the Cycle of Life Tour and do my best to give back in order to ensure that other families in Victoria would continue to receive the same level of support when they needed it as well. 


In 2019, I registered for my first Cycle of Life Tour and, thanks to many friends and family members, I was able to raise just over $2,000. The event was an absolute blast!  The ride itself was fun but still challenging and all of the riders were pampered over the course of the two days as we made our way around lower Vancouver Island and over to Salt Spring Island. After the event was over, I knew that in 2020 I wanted to increase my fundraising substantially and immediately started brainstorming.  

Then came the spring of 2020 and due to the pandemic the ride was cancelled.  All fundraising events came to a grinding halt as people struggled financially, while at the same time, the need for Hospice never ceased. At the end of last summer I thought that I could potentially leverage my work relationships, which would allow me to develop a fundraising initiative that wouldn’t make people feel that they were outright donating money but rather that they were receiving something in return for their donation. Biking and beer is always a winner so it was very obvious to me that I should approach Hoyne Brewing, who has been a long time corporate sponsor of The Cycle of Life Tour, with the idea of brewing a beer exclusive to Liquor Plus and have all proceeds benefit my Cycle of Life initiative.   Hoyne didn’t even hesitate and it was only a matter of deciding on a style of beer and designing a great label. 

Enter Das Rad.  This one is an easy drinking, light German Pale Ale perfectly suited for your mid or post ride hydration needs! This beer is in very limited supply and only available at Liquor Plus stores with ALL proceeds from each 6 pack sold going straight to Victoria Hospice.