I have to say that I was very skeptical about this wine when it was first presented to me. First, it came on the heels of the release of their Apothic wannabe and it was being presented by a company that is driven by marketing departments and demographics. However I also believe that the best values are found in the shadows of glamour, so I should be true to my word and at least try it.

I was very surprised and impressed, perhaps because I wasn’t expecting much more than a doctored-up Cab designed rather than crafted. In this light, I thought it best to come back to it a day or so later.

Once again I was very impressed. The nose is filled with ripe red berries and cassis with a kiss of cinnamon and vanilla. The palate is very much a crowd-pleaser with its bold fruit-driven attack and refined tannins on the finish. For $20 there are not many wines that stand up to this quality especially when we are talking Cabernet Sauvignon and California in the same breath.

Well that is how I saw it, but I’m not buying for me, I’m buying for you so I have to ask myself will you like it? Will you see the same beauty in it as I do? The answer is yes if the following best describes you.

1) You love powerful, full-flavoured wines and often find yourself with a California wine to fit that bill.

2) Seek the best bang for the buck and are budget conscious.

3) Wine is a part of a healthy approach to self-care. What I mean by this is not self-medication, rather a great wine adds to a healthy lifestyle in a positive way.

4) You like to find new experiences including flavour and aromas.

5) You like sharing new great finds with your friends.

If these describe you then this is your wine.

Find a bottle at your local liquor store.