There is a whole world of matches for chocolate with wine, well beyond the traditional Vintage Port with dark chocolate. This Valentine’s Day, why not explore a little, with wines available at Liquor Plus every day.

White Chocolate

Because of the absence of cacao, the matches here can be Moscato, Riesling, even your favourite off-dry rose.

A perennial winner is Jacob’s Creek Moscato ($11.99), completely delightful, with great balance and delicate muscat fruit.

But, for a lovely, actually awesome surprise, do try the La Crema Pinot Noir ($29.99). Where the generous black berry fruit and soft tannins create true harmony.

Milk Chocolate

Legado Munoz Garnacha ($14.99) has just the right amount of up-front sweetness to handle the milk chocolate. And the abundant spicy notes and brambleberry bring out the chocolate’s best qualities.

Mount Boucherie Merlot ($22.99) is terrific with a wide variety of dishes. But its easy tannins and abundant dark fruit play beautifully with the chocolate, whether it is a bar, a brownie, or a big cake.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, vintage Port is the classic match, given its sweetness, full body, plus elevated alcohol. The Black Sage Vineyard Pipe (A Port Style Red Blend) ($28.99) is a fantastic option with luscious flavours of ripe cherry and soft blackberry with a hint of fig.

But the Ravenswood Old Vines Zinfandel ($15.99), with its dark fruit and black pepper notes, is also charming with chocolate. It plays beautifully with the elevated levels of cacao.

Gran Passione Rosso ($19.99) is superb, a Merlot Corvina blend with delicate tannins, ripe, luscious fruit, and perfect balance. No bitterness at all, just hedonistic pleasure.

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